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4U 19" multi-functional rack server chassis

Chassis rear window for IPC-4680





Design feature:
  • Best design for thermal engineering and dynamics
  • Lockable Front door for High Security protection
  • Flexible driver design enable several installation applicatiion possibile
  • Front power supply installation enable for single and redundant power supply.
  • Quick and easier replacement hot swapable Fan module.
  • Front panel : IP54 Compliant
  • All heavy-dutyCold rolled Electroplated steel, AWG GAUGE 18 standard, SPCC
  • Double side Anti-Vibration holding Clamp, fix full range of add on card, picture
  • multi-way installation of power supply( front installed or rear side installed )
  1. Front installed single power with power Frame , picture
  2. Front installed redundant power supply with power Frame, picture
  3. rear installed single power
  4. rear installed redundant power supply with power Frame, picture
  • Flexible installation for SAS / SCA / SATA 2 / SATA HDD backplane installation

Effective EMI shielding protect system against min. 3 GHZ of radiation.


3 x 120mm DC--DC High speed Ball bearing fans(2 Ball) plus two option Fan on rear window of RW-4680A and RW-4680B

Drive Space:

9 pieces Vertical 5.25" HDD drivers spaces, Metal Converter Driver Cage for 4 Vertical Driver bays change into 3 Horizonal Driver bays(AD-4V3H)

LED Signals:

LED for Stor , Lan , Power , Fail, power status, picture

Main Boards Supported: (IPC-4680A/B only)

Supports various types of ATX Motherboards from , ATX(12.0" x 9.6 " , 30.5cm x 24.4cm) , full sized Extended ATX12" x 10.5" (30.5cm x 26.7cm) / 12" x 13.05" (30.5cm x 33.2cm) , and Proprietary ATX 16" x 13" (40.6cm x 33.2cm)

Backplane support: (IPC-4680C/D only )
  1. PICMG 1,0 and PICMG 1,3 Supported
  2. ISA, PCISA , Bridged PCI / ISA Backplanes , PCIAGP ,PXAGP Backplanes
  3. 14 slots backplane ( IPC-4680C)
  4. 20 slots backplane ( IPC-4680D)

Net 17 Kg / Gross 21,5 Kg (PS/MB excluded )

  • W 483 x D 680 x H 175.5 mm ( Chassis )
  • W 560 x D 850 x H 310 mm ( Carton Packing ) , i.e. 5,3 cubic feet
Optional accessories:
  1. Telescope slide TS-22-3S & Mounting Bracket MBR-3S ( standard kits, flat Mounting kits) or MBR-23-SM ( side mounting kits )
  2. AD-4V3H : Metal converter which enable 4 Vertical 5,25" into 3 Horizontal 5,25" Driver Bay
  3. Further extension application: built in HS-34S (SCA) / HS-344SA (serial ATA) 4 x 1" HDD carriers , or CSE-M35S / M35T, occupied 3 x 5,25"
Power supply:

300W / 350W /420W / 460W / 550W./ 700W /750W /1000W.. PS2 size P/S or PS2 size redundant Power supply MRT-6320P , MRP-6420P, MRW-6420P, MRG-6500P, R3G-6650P

Chassis Ordering Information:
  1. IPC4680A: 7 Slots ATX rear window ( RW-4680A) , for 12" x 13.05" (30.5cm x 33.2cm) size enhance MB, and rear side installed power supply
  2. IPC4680B:7 Slots ATX rear window ( RW-4680B) , for Proprietary ATX 16" x 13" (40.6cm x 33.2cm) size MB, and Front installed power supply, ex. Quad Xeon or Quad Operon MB
  3. IPC4680C: 14 Slots Backplane, 14 slots full size long card suport and rear side installed power supply
  4. IPC4680D: 20 Slots Backplane, 20 slots full size long card suport and rear side installed power supply
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Datasheet and Mechanic Drawing

IPC4680 Manual V3.3